Pandemic Recovery

The advent of COVID 19 has highlighted many important inequities in American society and our need to develop more robust preparations for potential future and international emergencies. Severe and widespread financial crises have emerged for many segments of our society. Particularly, people of color, low wage earners, and those with preexisting medical conditions.

Congress needs a plan that addresses struggling renter, mortgage holders, and small businesses. Our current economic system must be one that balances the viability of businesses the upliftment and sustainability of the people. There must be a shift in priorities. The needs of the people must come first and in alignment with the sustainability of businesses that employ the residents of the country. At the end of pandemic, we must take a hard and serious look into our Nations’ financial strategies, principles, and priorities to make a positive change for the American people when national disasters breakout.

The Pandemic has cost the U.S. and governments around the world trillions of dollars in, testing, vaccine distribution, and stimulus payment. The lasting effects on the economy will not be fully known for years to come. In Congress, Khalfani will work to ensure that equitable access to medical care is a national priority. Khalfani will push for the establishment of a bipartisan congressional committee of healthcare providers, patients, and researchers to understand the historical causes for differences in the health and health care of those who were most severely impacted by COVID 19.
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